Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Labor Pains

The legislative session is about a third of the way through and already we have had a number of interesting issues come up. We have seen the idea of selling the Iowa Lottery for quick cash come and go a couple of times. There has been a healthy debate on increasing the gas tax, the disaster that is the Rebuild Iowa Office, and Culver’s budget mess. But where is the vocal opposition in the legislature when it comes to the four big labor bills that the Democrats are pushing?

Sadly, there isn’t much coming from House and Senate Republicans on these issues, at least not yet. In fact, I’m getting the same feeling I had when same day voter registration passed through without any attention what so ever. Now I understand that there are plenty of things we don’t see that are going on at the state capitol, but these are big time issues that will have a huge impact on our state, and I would think our legislators would want all of these bills being discussed all across the state, not just in committee rooms in Des Moines.

Last night there was a forum on the prevailing wage legislation. I’m told only one person spoke against it. That’s pathetic. Where are the pro business groups? Where are the business owners? Couldn’t each Republican member find one person in their district to come to Des Moines and speak out against the bill? I know we are in the minority but you just don’t bend over and take it. For us to effectively push back on issues like these we need the public on our side, and if our legislators are not out there getting their constituents fired up, we are bound to lose this battle. Mark my words, we lost this one. Will we stand up against the other three?

While there is no doubt that Republican’s are against these bills, our Republican leaders need to be rallying the troops and educating Iowans on how disruptive these bills would be to Iowa’s business climate.

Follow up on Vander Plaats

Yesterday I wrote about Bob Vander Plaats and once again his supporters think I’m being unfair. I’m not going to apologize for wanting to see a little substance, especially when dealing with a gubernatorial candidate. Our state has serious problems, and I’m looking for a candidate who can provide some solutions. Is that out of line? Is that too much to ask for?

If Vander Plaats wants some good coverage on this blog he simply needs to do some things that get my attention. I think I’ve been extremely helpful in providing him some questions he needs to be out there answering. Bob needs to convince me that he would be a good Governor. While it is obvious some people are already convinced, I on the other hand want to see some indications of what he would do differently, and that means providing me with some specifics.


  1. Two comments Krusty, and I'm glad that I'm getting early so my comments are only to your post and not in re other's comments.

    Perhaps the opposition isn't coming from "We-The-People" because the people just might actually like the basics of the bills. I wonder if it's just the activist (ie:angry) Republicans wanting to oppose anything currently being looked at in DesMoines, like Krusty, who would be the "noise-makers" about the bills?

    Second, screw the BVP supporters who call you unfair. Whether unfair or not doesn't matter; this is a Krusty blog and the place where Krusty-opinion gets showcased. The people who disagree usually are free to post their differing opinions (as I did a paragraph above) and so be heard. If BVP people want their opinion presented as a main article, then let them build a blog and hopefully attract readers.

    Ha! Bet they won't be as liberal (sorry Krusty) about allowing dissenting views as this blog.

  2. Isn't it just that Krusty is already supporting another candidate? He won't come out and say it because then he couldn't pretend to be impartial. But he will destroy everyone else to prop up his guy.

    I'll give you two guesses, unless Krusty would like to enlighten us, as to whom he supports.

  3. Bob can't even be specific on if he is running for Governor!!!! He's in the "exploratory faze" and will make an official announcement later this year. Uh huh.

    Bob actually said in a recent speech that he has a son who was asked what his father did for a living and his answer was, "run for governor". Bob obviously saw the humor in it or he would not have shared it, but I don't think he grasped why the story was REALLY funny.

  4. Marek (HD89) has publicly stated that he is opposed to prevailing wage and fair share


  5. Krusty can do whatever krusty wants. We all know that. It just is so very counterproductive to the goal of unifying and electing mroe republicans to personally go after other republicans the way Krusty does.

    Why not focus on the real enemies Gangbanger Gronstal and the illiterate lug nut, Chester?

    Why not focus on republicans who think we should pass a gas tax even though the economy is the worst ever, it's a regressive tax that hurts all Iowans and we are getting 1.9 billion in stimulus that will largely go to fix roads.

    Why not use your podium for constructive purposes rather than just to destroy republicans.

    This isn't about BVP. I'm not a BVP supporter, or a supporter of anyone yet. This is about your selectivity in choosing whom to destroy.

    Your most recent foray into the politics of personal destruction occurred when you went after Gopal, Sheffler and Lehman. You used the need for UNITY as your reason.

    Well...dammit. Are you serious or just a junior high slambook bully? How does this support unity? It just causes hatred to occur. Why is that useful to you? You do it all the time, so you must see some reward in it.

    So, are you officially the anti-BVP blog? Is that your purpose?

    How about some further research on who the lobbyist was that got caught with the drunk democrat and the coverup that occurred.

    Do something useful.

    Resist the addiction to being a prick.

  6. Krusty, your lists of kandidates for governor have overlooked a konservative judge who is giving this race some very kareful konsideration. He has seen the klueless administration up klose. Due to judicial ethics, etc. he won't be able to get public about this until the beginning of 2010. Konservatives should keep their powder dry.

  7. If you don't like what is written -- don't read this damn blog.

    If you want a different viewpoint represented in the blogosphere -- start your own blog.

  8. Hey Krusty, Why don't you go after Northey and his support of the Gas Tax? Why don't you share the very good Q&A article with Bob by Iowa Independent. He gave solid answers that I think most conservatives would like, but it's the same old "3 times, 3 times he ran" from you. Just look past that and start looking into what Bob says in interviews and about all the grassroot support he has and who is on his team. He has Chuck Hurley and Jodi Tymeson. They are very respectable people.

  9. Name dropper 11:17 doesn't get it. He can name drop all he wants, but until he drops a good issue, I ain't buying the snake oil he's selling.

  10. Check out a new blog called Doctor's Notes at www.millermeeks.com

  11. 11:29--Hey, who says I'm a "He"?

  12. Sweet! Slambook Guy's back. I was wondering when he'd show up.

  13. Where the hell are the lobbyists for the School Boards, City and County governments? The Prevailing Pay Off scam will result in more for less at all levels of government in Iowa.

    When it comes to Bobs, Bob Ray ran for governor more than three times. The win/loss column says it all.

  14. Krusty, you are running for Governor...where are your detailed plans? Right now, it's like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Bob is your primary challenger, right? You don't want us to start calling you Herschel Krustofski Plaats do you?

    Show us the beef, Krusty.

    I'm willing to vote for you. If Iowans can support a Lug - they'll support a Klown.

  15. 4:18--that was funny. It seems like Krusy wants to slam his opponents and not tell use what he would do as governor. See how far that gets you. Why don't we focus on Culver guys. It is productive and we actually agree with fighting him instead of tearing up primary opponents that could be our gubernatorial candidate. This goes for Vander Plaats, Northey, King, etc.

  16. Listen I already told you some ideas but you don't pay attention.

    1. I proposed eliminating the Lt. Governor Position.

    2. I proposed eliminating the State Treasurer

    3. I wouldn't pay the 19 staffers of the Rebuild Iowa Office 1.5 Million dollars to do their jobs. This is after Culver's cuts by the way. More on that tomorrow.

    4. I would cut non esential services dramatically, sorry Department of Cultural Affairs, Chainsaw Krusty is coming!

    I've got more. Trust me. Vote Krusty!

  17. Tsk Tsk, Krusty. Sounds like you need to work at your people skills. GOP leaders are speaking out like crazy but the monster that is media prints whatever view they want. Maybe you should try to make some friends in slightly higher places and get on some lists and you, too, can be properly informed.

  18. the article in Iowa Independent was full of specifics. He's come out forthrightly against the gas tax.

    Has Rants? Northey is for it. What about King? What about Vaudt? What about Rastetter?

    Somehow, I bet Rastetter is FOR the gas tax. What do ya think?

    That might help his ethonal business, right?

    Do something useful. Make your Mama proud.

    The interview was good. Why didn't you read it?

  19. Get Mr. Ed a salt block!!!February 17, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    Is it me, or does Bob's picture look like he's all teeth? Kinda like Mr. Ed.

    I don't know if I should look away or get him a bag of oats.

  20. Name one thing that BVP has proposed to cut??? ALl he has ever said is that he would make cuts. He has no plan he would be just like Obama offer hope but when he gets there he would be completely lost

  21. 8:24...it worked for Obama...why won't it work for BVP?

    You act like what Obama did was a failing strategy yet he is now the President.

  22. The difference is that Obama was lost after the election BVP is lost now, he has no idea what he is doing.

  23. This is a quote from BVP's interview: "Yes, a 21st Century infrastructure is extremely important to the vitality of Iowa and there is definitely a role for government to play in that. But is the only way to get there a gas tax? No."
    This is why this statement isn't "bold". Roads are funded with a dedicated gas tax. It can't be used for anything else. If he wants 21st century road infrastructure, he has to do it with a gas tax. Methinks he doesn't understand that the gas tax is dedicated.

  24. Krusty,

    Regarding Mr. Vander Plaats, I would just remind you that we are a long way from the 2010 election and sometimes you want to keep your powder dry until people start paying attention. Just give him a little grace period to get his name recognition up and then he can be more forceful on the issues when people start paying attention.

  25. BVP has kept his "powder" dry and held back for 8 years when is he going to tell us something....Anything of substance??

  26. JLG-- give him time to get his name recognition up?

    Is that a joke or are you serious?

    The man has been running for governor since 1999.


    Bill Clinton was president dude.

  27. Gotta agree with 9:29 about the naive comment from JLG 1:18. Geeze man, that's a terribly lame apologia - you really need to think yourself through before typing.

    And talking about apologias, I see Krusty managed today to insert another one for Ranting Rants. No guessing game about who the Krust likes.