Thursday, February 12, 2009

Iowa State Busted for Being Stupid

My Lord, first the Rebuild Iowa is messing around on Facebook all day.

Culver’s Communication staff is busy trying to provide for the RIO office by attacking Rep. Rants on something he didn’t have any control over.

Governor Culver has the Homeland Security Director come to Cedar Rapids to watch a DVD. (Great Read by Hawkeye Review)

And now Iowa State University is spending time producing a knock off of the TV show The Office. I was amused for a few minutes, but then started thinking about how much time and money went into this. Our tax dollars at work!

No wonder we have a budget crisis!


  1. just today's example of why the gas tax should not be increased. they don't spend what they have wisely, so they get no more.

  2. just today's example why my kids aren't going to Iowa State.

  3. Does Krusty like these CyKlowns?

  4. Where's Cyclone Conservative when we need him to make fun of his CyKlowns?

  5. That video was dumb.

    Office Spoofs, over rated.

  6. Just a question here, but if our governments is spending its time and money on office spoofs, there's less money for them to cause any real damage right? So this is a good thing.