Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The march toward communism continues…

I don’t know what the deal is lately, but it sure seems that I’m getting under peoples skin. Maybe it’s being confined to the Krusty Konservative World Headquarters during these winter months, or maybe it’s because I believe there are some things worth fighting for. As many of you know, I’m a passionate person and I tend to drone on and on certain issues that I care deeply about or don’t want to see screwed up.

So for those people who get a little angry with me, just remember I do what I do because I care. I want to see the gas tax defeated, I want to see those Republicans who support raising it find other ways to pay for our roads. I want to see Bob Vander Plaats become a better candidate for Governor than he’s been in the past, and I want to see a strong unified effort to defeat the four bills the Labor Unions are trying to pass through the legislature.

You know I learned a lot from my coaches in high school. To this day I still live by some of the things they said to me. Sayings like, “if it was easy everyone would do it,” or “you’ve got to want it.” The other thing that I learned is that when the coach yells at you at half time, it’s because they know you can do better. If they didn’t think so they would spend the time coaching up your backup instead of trying to motivate you. I have not called for anyone to be benched; I just want to see some better play out on the court.

Speaking of better play on the court, the Association of Business and Industry is out with a new media campaign fighting back against the Labor Unions. I’m told ABI’s grassroots media campaign will include radio, web, and direct mail. ABI’s message is a simple one:

“Only a small percentage of Iowans belong to unions, but these bills force the union agenda on all Iowans. It’s a fairy tale if they believe that these measures won't drive up property taxes, health care costs, and decrease the paychecks of working families,” said Mike Ralston, ABI President. "We want to encourage all Iowans to share their views with legislators on these controversial proposals that will cause real damage to our job climate,” he added.

I couldn’t agree more.

Chet Culver and the Democrats increased spending by a billion dollars in just two years. This reckless spending has now caused a budget crisis that is now affecting every service that state government provides. Culver’s lazy approach to the problem will force local governments to increase property taxes. If they hadn’t done enough damage to the state, they now want to absolutely ruin Iowa’s business climate, or what’s left of it by passing these labor bills.

So why should you care about these four bills? Maybe this will help motivate you:

You will be forced to pay union dues even if you're not a member.

Your health care costs will skyrocket because they want to turn Iowa's well-respected worker's compensation system on its head.

Your property taxes will immediately go higher, as school boards will lose their authority to control contract costs, and municipalities will be forced to pay construction costs that are set by union wage levels, not competitive bidding.

The story the labor unions are telling the people of Iowa is a fairy tale as ABI says.

The unions say they speak for average, hard working Iowans. WRONG, they speak for only about 12% of Iowa workers

The unions also say that this really won't cost us anything. WRONG, it’s going to drive up costs, and force local communities to increase property taxes.

The unions want to cut competition, raise construction prices, raise wage levels for union bosses, cut deeper into non-union worker's paychecks, and put increased pressure on the highest property tax structure in the country as well as our health care system that is already teetering on the abyss.

The union agenda doesn’t sound like the American Dream which was instilled in me as a young child. You know the idea that if you work hard and take care of yourself you can accomplish anything. Instead the union dream sure sounds like it came straight for the Communist Manifesto, something which I encourage all of you to read, because it sure seems like that’s where we are heading.


  1. Which Republicans and Republican Special Interests are FOR the gas tax increase - my own personal Boston Tea party moment? So far, Northey is FOR it and The Farm Bureau is FOR it. Who else?

    Which, if any, republicans are FOR any of this union nonsense?

    I feel the Iron Curtain coming down as I type.

  2. why is the Iowa Association of Business and Industry undecided about the gas tax increase?

    Where are they on that? Come on John Gilliland! Be a leader and be against the gas tax.

    If people can't buy products from your business and industry companies, then for what purpose would you continue to exist?

    The people need money in their pockets to buy products. Be against the gas tax.

  3. Democrat lawmakers are economic illiterates. Republicans don't need to help them.

    Fight any tax increase every step of the way.

    Any tax increase is destructive.

    The Democrats have increased spending one billion dollars in two years. They can find the money somewhere else.

    It's time to take a chain saw to the budget. Entire departments need to go. We can't afford it and we don't need it.

    Wealth is created only in the private sector and people need to have money to spend in the private sector.

    Governments are parasites.

  4. Krusty

    You rock.

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  5. why would the grocery stores be undecided on the gas tax?

    It just increases transportation costs, which translates into higher food prices, which means I'm planting potatoes in my garden rather than buying them at the grocery store.

    Comeon Paula Dierenfeld and Keith Luchtel - be leaders and be decided about being against the gas tax.

    What happened to fiscal conservatism, Keith and Paula? Are you resigning at Republican activists?

  6. 10:24 asks: "What happened to fiscal conservatism, . . . . ?"

    Along with all the rest of the old Republican tenets, it maybe got thrown into the burn-the-books fire by the Bible-thumping new Republicans.

  7. Why would ABI be 'undecided' on the Gas Tax? If I had to guess it would be because there is an Iowa Motor Trucker presence within their organization, as well as a number of General Contractors. Just a guess,, but somebody give me a better senerio...

    Why would the Grocery Stores be undecided on the Gas Tax? C/Stores,, most likely,, which of course are also members of the Petroleum Marketers, who, of course, support the tax increase.

    But a side note: I don't think it's fair to blame the Lobbyists who carry their association's message to Legislators. The BLAME should be squarely placed on the Board of Directors of those individual organizations. The Lobbyists only carry the message, they don't make the big decisions.

  8. Well, Krusty - I guess 10:40 said it all. If this gas tax passes with even one republican supporting it, we have officially become the party that stands for nothing.

    What will we run on as a party? What will our candidates run on?

    Why would anyone vote for a republican anymore?

  9. Lobbyists don't offer their own opinion? They don't try to shape the opinion?

    What do they actually DO? Why would an activist republican want to actively support democrat liberal positions?

    What????? How do they sleep at night? It's like Catholics being for democrats who want to kill infants. How do they purport to believe in one thing, then actively work to defeat that thing about which they believe?

    I guess it's all about the money rather than the cause. I thought Lobbyists were causers and changers and influencers.

    oh well. guess not.

  10. 10:40 - How do you feel about the Fairness Doctrine?

    Book burning - yea sure. Tell me that one later after you destroy free speech.

  11. Holy crap, the blog has been hijacked by BVP supporters trying to cover his sorry ass on the gas tax.


    Remember: play big or go home.

  12. why do the petroluem marketers want a higher gas tax?

    Why? It doesn't make any sense. The only response I can have is to buy less gas.

    I already changed my summer vacation plans to Disneyland because I can't afford to spend that much money this year. I was going to go to summer festivals in Iowa and explore my state as a more oost effective vacation, and which would involve me spending money in Iowa on Iowa business in Iowa small towns.

    If the gas tax passes, I guess my summer vacation will simply be planting vegetables in my back yard, since I also have to reduce my grocery bill.

    I need a citizen republican omsbudman to protect me against my own freakin party.

  13. No, 10:53, I think it's the highly paid professionals from ITR who want to deflect attention to the fact that before they were against the gas tax, they were for it.

    It was Ed Failor Jr.'s John Kerry moment.

  14. I'm not a BVP supporter. I'm against the gas tax.

    Krusty is against the gas tax and literally hates BVP.

    Square that, asshole. This is about the gas tax jerk.

    Loser - go away and let the grown ups talk.

  15. 10:57 What grade are you currently in? 7th or 8th grade?

    Are you trying to make a point, or just being an asshole?

  16. Anon 10:40

    I am unfamiliar with any Republican in a leadership position that wants to burn books or otherwise prohibit any speech in its appropriate forum.

    Perhaps you think censorship is the refusal of the taxpaying majority to use their now very precious tax dollars to fund internet access to porn sites in public schools?

    On the other hand, I presume you are aware of Bahamma Tommy Harkin and Damascus Nancy Pelosi and a significant number of other Democrat leaders openly advocate actual censorship under the euphemism "Fairness Doctrine". I don't think its the Republican Party or young conservatives promoting hate speech codes in high schools and colleges all over the country-including some of its most conservative areas.

    You need to peddle that gibberish over on the Democrat blogs where critical thinking and factual reality are forbidden.

  17. preach freedom of choice and individual great sacrifices for the support of the poor. Then the truth will resonate.