Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, and Susan Collins are pawns. Seriously can someone tell me why they are even Republicans? I don’t get it.

Another thing.

For my entire adult life the Democrats have been attacking trickle-down economics. To Republicans trickle-down economics provided tax cuts or other benefits to businesses and individuals. They would then take those incentives and create jobs, expand existing businesses, and reinvest; all of which would benefit the American economy.

Now we have a united Democrat Party and three Republican pawns who keep throwing trillions of dollars at these huge banks and corporations because they are too large to fail. The reasoning behind this approach is that the benefit of giving them taxpayer money is that it will trickle-down to help all of us someway or somehow.

What about the American people? It’s our money they are giving away!


  1. Worse yet Krusty, it's not your money they are giving away, it's the prosperity of future generations of Americans that they are giving away.

  2. A newly-former RepublicanFebruary 11, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    Of course you're going to have to blame Obama for slinging this money around, and of course you have to oppose this. There's no other justification for the existence of the GOP outside evangelical and lunatic fringes. But the question I have for Krusty and others who would give it a shot is this: What was Bush doing before he left office? What was the Republican solution to this when Bush was at the helm? What would McCain be doing now? He'd be spending a ton of money or he'd be the next Hoover.

  3. Kick em out of the GOP. I'm sure Lieberman would enjoy the company as an Independent.

  4. 4:30: Give it a rest. The only resistance to this economy-destroying legislation has come from Republicans.

    They deserve thanks, not ridicule.

    Ridicule Spector, Snowe and Collins all you want all the rest have held strong. Thanks, Republicans!!

  5. Yeah the mess we're in is Olympia Snowe's fault. JFC. It's this kind of thought that got us in the place we are now. People like Krusty won't be happy until the only Senators we have left are south of the Mason/Dixon line and in Utah.

    There are soon to be 59 Democratic Senators. It is Collins who is getting rid of money to ACORN and adding tax relief to the package. We aren't in the majority anymore. The reason this huge government overreach has happened is because we have turned ourselves into the minority party through poor governing, turning off independents, and losing elections in the East, Midwest, and West (3 pretty important regions huh?)

    If we had 51 senators instead of 41, having Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe instead of Tom Allen and some other wacko Bernie Sanders style northeastern liberal would be pretty nice.

    And by the way. Susan Collins was the ONLY Republican that won a competitive Senate race this last fall. We should be groveling and praising her. If she wasn't there and Franken wins this legal battle the Dems would have a bulletproof majority to do whatever the hell they please.

    Maybe we will learn our lesson when there are only 37 Republicans in the Congress in 2011. For some reason I doubt it.

  6. Hey "A newly-former Republican".

    To answer your question as to what Bush was doing before he left office; Bush was fighting the war on terror that the previous administration turned a blind eye to while the democratic hack clearing houses aka Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were beginning to undermine our economy while under the protection of Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. Where do you get your daily news? CNBC?

  7. But Yody, _THE PEOPLE_, that is your friends, neighbors, relatives, and secretly your wife voted in-concert to replace your ilk and give the Executive and a good part of the Legislative to that other party.

    Your sour grapes grousing says more about your personal character shortcomings than it does about the current political winners.

  8. Brent (8:00),

    Don't get all pissy at Yoda and make up lies his family just because there are tons of republicans who are pushing the recall bill to do just that; recall you and your democratic ilk. And yes, most of us reside right here in Marion. We also don't take kindly to your attacks on Kraig Paulsen who is doing wonderful job for our party and Linn County. Your five minutes are just about up.

  9. Talk all you want about Collins and the others, but isolating what are generally Republican votes is just going to make this party sink further and further into the ground. Pretty soon, if we kick more of these people out of our party we will be looking at 20 or 30 Republicans in the Senate with no voice. This bill would have been much worse if it weren't for Snowe, and Collins. Inevitably, the bill was going to pass someway at least Snowe, Collins and Spector had the guts to do some good to the bill other than sit in their office and complain about the inevitable.

  10. Quality point on the Sen. Collins election this past fall. She seems to have done something right with her constituents. Granted many fiscal conservatives hate this bill, but eventually the Democrats were going to have it their way with the passage of a stimulus,pork bill that funded parts of the federal bureaucracy that will now expect billions and billions more every year in the fiscal-year budget.

    Ultimately, Republicans are better off with those that break with their party from time to time compared to having 20 or 30 Republicans have no voice in the Senate. Collins was able to win. Give the person some credit. Snowe, Specter and Collins vote Republican most of the time so we can than them for that. Because of them, we now have more tax cuts and less fat in this "stimulus" bill.

  11. Wow, from that pic I'm wondering if Rachael Maddow is Olympia Snowe's love child.

  12. Arlen looks like Chief Kotacwa!!!

  13. "To Republicans trickle-down economics provided tax cuts or other benefits to businesses and individuals. They would then take those incentives and create jobs, expand existing businesses, and reinvest; all of which would benefit the American economy."

    Yeah, that theory worked out great the past 28 years. It lead to the first Bush recession in the early 90's. Then it took a Democrat to come and clean up. Now we are seeing the 2nd Bush Recession. All because of trickle down economics.

    Give to the rich and hope they are nice enough to spend a little of their money, so others can have some crumbs.