Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lead or go Home

We elected our elected officials to go to Des Moines or DC to represent us, to do what’s right for our district, state and country. For the most part they do a good job, while partisan politics sometimes occurs, I think it’s safe to say that they all want to do what’s best for the people they represent.

That said; I’m a little miffed that the Democrats and Republicans in the House had created websites or blog posts to solicit budget cuts from the people without offering any of their own. So when you ask me what should be cut, my first suggestion is their salaries and their daily per Diems. They are elected to make the difficult decisions, they pledge to do what’s best for the future of our state and when our state is in a great time of need they punt the ball to the citizens? They sure didn’t ask me for my input when they increased the state budget by 20% over the past 2 years…

Lead or go home. Don’t waste millions of taxpayer dollars to sit in Des Moines and do nothing. Be part of the solution. K’mon.

Follow up on the Gas Tax

So I got a few emails yesterday questioning my criticism of Iowans for Tax Relief on the gas Tax. First, let me apologize for not explaining what I based my criticism of ITR on. My criticism was based on what ITR said in the Des Moines Register editorial board meeting a few weeks ago. You can see here what I'm talking about.

Again, the Legislative Republican’s are stupid if they help pass the Gas Tax increase. The Dems will use it against our incumbents, and you know that road money isn’t going to go to those districts represented by Republicans who help pass the tax increase. The Dems are going to take care of their own, meaning all of those road dollars go to Dem Districts, and then they beat Republican incumbents over the head for raising taxes.

Farewell Yepsen

A few week ago I was told that David Yepsen didn’t get the gig at SIU. I felt bad because I really thought he was a great fit for them, and it has to be difficult working for a company like the Register which is bleeding financially. So I was happy to hear that Yepsen got the gig. No comment from him yet, apparently he is on an unpaid furlough this week.

Fair Share is Coming

Get ready to fight folks. It looks like a fair share bill is coming down the pike and this time it’s being written by the Governor himself. Which means it will happen unless the people of Iowa rise up and stop it. So let me see if I have this right. Culver’s budget under funds city and county government meaning they will be forced to raise property taxes. Last year it was accepted that Fair Share legislation would also cause property taxes to increase. So how much of an increase will we see? And when is enough, enough?


  1. Iowans for Tax Relief are total frauds who are far more interested in the appearance of fighting for tax relief than actual tax relief because its far more profitable. They are no better than a union or Jesse Jackson.

  2. I don't know if I'd go that far, I just want to see them stop this Gas Tax.

  3. Krusty forgot to mention that in addition to the trucking interests he mentioned Dave Dickey of Dickey Transport in Packwood is also on the board of ITR. Do the math.

  4. passing fair share will be a travesty for iowa delvelopement and send us into a spiral that other states are in right now.

    suicide by election... wow.


  5. No good can come of even toying with the idea. Government is too big, don't feed the pig.

    Roger Mall

  6. Wow..perhaps the DM Register will get a political reporter who will actually I dont some journalism and report with some modicum of objectivity.. LOL. Who am I kidding...the Red Star objective? And Iowa isn't cold in the winter.

    Losing Yepsen is no huge loss...I do however feel for those students at Southern Illinois who are going to be taught by a guy who hates Republicans, especially if you're a woman AND a Republican.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more Krusty. It would be political suicide for Republicans to support an increase in the gas tax. They need to develop some better solutions to the problems facing the state.

  8. I hope Republicans support Democrats and pass at least a $0.05 gas tax increase.

    Some things are more important than partisan politics. We need safe roads and good jobs.

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