Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I don’t know what’s going on with the comment section in today’s post. Sometimes they don’t show up, other times they do but you can’t see the new comments. I have contacted blogger so we will see what happens. I guess I can’t complain too much about a free site and service…


  1. Hey, check out a new blog called Doctor's Notes at

    A refreshing blog of opinions, debate, and the more mellow stories.

  2. stop spamming the site 12:26

  3. I think the tech problems are caused by BVP supporters spamming the site and placing a double Lucifer hex on Krusty.

    Can I get an amen! brother!

  4. I used to blame Bill Cosby for everything bad in my life. But it seems like blaming BVP supporters for everything is the thing to do.

  5. I don't know if I support BVP, but I know BVD supports me.

  6. This is why we Republicans will NEVER win elections. We keep tearing up each other. Stop blaming BVP fans or BVP himself. Why don't we focus on the Dems right now and then when it gets closer to the primary we can focus on each other and just the issues. It is not productive calling BVP a "bible thumper." That phrase assaults a lot of Iowans. If you get to know a single Christian you would find that they are just like everyone else. It seems that we can't say anything about a person's race, gender, or class but we sure can disrespect another's religion.

  7. Russ from WintersetFebruary 19, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    Here's an interesting thought: Maybe some of he more extreme social conservatives would have less trash talked about them if they didn't talk so much smack about some of the so-called "RINOs" themselves?

    Miller-Meeks, anyone?

    Or is "go along with us to preserve party unity" a one way street?

    I consider myself to be a social con (anti-abortion, not a believer in gay marriage, etc.) and I'm willing to fight for these issues; HOWEVER I also see the benefit in partnering with others who aren't 100% in line with my point of view. I'm not saying that we need to link up with all the Lincon Chafees & Arlen Specters of the world to get things done, but if someone's 90 to 95% in agreement with me, why the HELL should I spend more time tearing them down than I do going after "Governor" Gronstal or Buzz Chetyear?