Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you smarter than a Greenwald?

I’ve been a little amazed by the amount of coverage the Des Moines Register has given to Becky Greenwald. It seems about every other day they find a way to get her some free press, and we all know they will endorse her campaign sometime this week. Yet they refuse to cover the fact that her campaign is broke, which is a result of poor management by a bunch of out of state politicos. Now I might not go as far as my buddy from Jewell did last week when he called it for Latham, but I’m not worried about Latham, and he has built a well oiled campaign team.

Now we all want to send competent people to our nation’s capitol to represent us right? Well if you answered yes, you only have one candidate to support, Tom Latham.

Recently Greenwald responding to a KIMT TV (Mason City) question about one thing she respects about Tom Latham.

Greenwald responded with, "The nurses bill that he introduced after being in Congress for 13 years. It's not a bill yet, but I do hope he can get it out of committee and I hope it becomes a bill because that would be good legislation."

Looks like someone needs a civics lesson…

This leaves one to wonder - does Becky not understand the simple process that every child learns from watching School House Rock's I'm Just a Bill song? Latham's nursing legislation is a bill - anything introduced in Congress IS a bill. And it’s already good legislation. Did she mean law? Does she not understand even the simple terms frequently used in the office for which she is running?

Maybe instead of her family sending thousands of dollars to fund her campaign they should have sent a couple basic School House DVDs and encouraged her to sit down and watch them. Or maybe she should sit this election out and let a third grader who better understands the differences between bills and laws have a shot at running against Latham - I mean the third grader would be more qualified than Greenwald.

Who knows, this may lead to a new game show on FOX called "Are you smarter than a Greenwald?" What am I thinking; it would probably be cancelled after one week because nobody would ever lose. This kind of reminds me of someone else.

Seriously, I don’t understand the Register’s obsession with Greenwald. She’s a pretender, and knows less about the process as a candidate than a grade schooler.


  1. Duh-huh Becky!?!? What a pretender!

  2. Krusty, if Latham is going to win, why are you obsessed with Becky Greenwald?

  3. Because she's a hack pretender.

    shouldn't you be reading Kos or calling your Mom back in New York?

  4. Hey 8:57 AM, how's it goin? Your anonymous, what's that about? Say hello to your mother for me....