Friday, October 24, 2008

Becky’s Buzz? More like Fizzle.

A few weeks ago Becky Greenwald’s campaign was lauding the fact that the DCCC had elevated her campaign status and included her in their Red to Blue program. In their release they noted “Red to Blue was a proven success in the 2006 cycle. In 2006, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns averaging $404,000 per campaign. Red to Blue was also responsible for solidifying the structure of dozens of campaigns and making a real difference for Democrats across America.”

So Becky is flushed with money right. I mean that $400k from the national party should really help right? Well it looks like the DCCC’s promise to bailout Greenwald’s campaign never came through. In fact in her Pre-General FEC Report, Greenwald’s campaign raised $34,682.24, spent $43,750.14 and has just $15,409.09 cash on hand. Oh, she still owes one of her consultants $10k.

The thing that angers me is the fact that media outlets like the Register take Greenwald’s press releases and run with them as if they are gospel. If you want to see a female get elected in Iowa, you better tune in to Iowa’s 2nd District where Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has taken it to Loebsack.

Follow up on Reed Debate

Christopher Reed pissed off Senator Harkin and got a lot of media attention with his debate performance yesterday. The segment in which Reed called Harkin “Toyko Rose” was his strongest in the entire debate. In watching his body language he not only delivered a haymaker, but he didn’t flinch, he stood firm. And while the media will say that we shouldn’t call anyone anti-American, I tend to agree with Reed on this one.

More on Greenwald: "man the lifeboats -- screw the women and children - save the corporate CEOs!

Greenwald on her support of the Wall Street Bailout:

"It was the right decision," she said. "The risk of doing nothing was much worse than the risk of doing something." Her opponent, incumbent Republican Rep. Tom Latham, voted against the bailout package twice saying it was excessive, not thought out thoroughly, and would make very little difference in the long run. Greenwald said she understands why so many were tempted to let corporate CEOs fend for themselves when they were "standing on the edge of a cliff." However, she added, "The problem is they're standing at the edge of a cliff with a rope tied around their neck and if they go off, then the rest of us go.


  1. Regarding the Reed/Harkin debate, this was a comment over at The Real Sporer and summed it all up pretty well, "The Tokyo Rose comment ended it for him..... that and pissing all over the Iowa GOP for leaving him with no support whatsoever."

  2. You...

    And no one else.

    Reed back tracked RIGHT AFTER he said it and looked very very scared up there.

    We all saw what happened to Miss Fascist Minnesota after her McCarthism last week...

    Glad Reed could drive even more Republican leaning moderates to the Democratic ticket.