Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Des Moines Register: Predictable and Disappointing

Well the Des Moines Register has made their endorsements, and once again they show their bias and inability to do the necessary homework on these candidates. There was no doubt that they would endorse Democrat Becky Greenwald, heck one has to wonder if Greenwald’s communications director works in the campaign office or at the Register. The thing that blows my mind is that they build up Greenwald who’s intellectually weak, out of money, and just another Dem hack running for Congress while they basically ignore the other female candidate, Dr. Miller-Meeks who is also seeking to break the glass ceiling in Iowa.

Both won contested primaries, and both out raised their opponents in the final three months of the campaign, but where Miller-Meeks has an incredible background, and has run a campaign that has taken it to Loebsack, Greenwald has poorly managed her campaign resources, doesn’t have the impressive background that Miller-Meeks brings to the table. Yet the Des Moines Register has kept Greenwald’s campaign alive with free press coverage, like today’s announcement that for the first time in four weeks, Becky is going to be back on TV. Seriously, her month long absence from the airways should have been a bad story for Greenwald, but the Register bails out Becky once again because she’s a liberal Democrat.

Here is what the Register had to say about Greenwald:

“Greenwald has a wide range of experience - from health and human services to agriculture - that could serve Iowa well in Congress. She has studied in Mexico and worked for the American Red Cross, Garst Seed Co. and Pioneer Hi-Bred.”

“A vote for Greenwald is a vote for potential - that she will bring the leadership she's shown in business and civic life to elected office. But to be effective, she'll need to dedicate the time and energy to fully understanding the complexity of federal programs and be an independent thinker who will work across party lines.”

Heck I have potential, everybody has potential, but does that make them a good representative in Congress? No. Their endorsement went on to basically say that she doesn’t have a good grasp of the issues, but that’s to be expected from a new comer.

Now let’s compare the love for Greenwald to their reasons against the other woman running for Congress, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

The Register said, “Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a physician from Ottumwa, is also an impressive candidate. She's smart, has in-depth knowledge of health care, has served in the military and has a compelling life story, which includes leaving home at the age of 16 and working her way through school. Like most campaign newcomers, including Loebsack two years ago, her knowledge of many issues is shallow. But her background indicates she'd come up to speed quickly.”

So where they pointed out Greenwald’s individual achievements, they glossed over Miller-Meeks’.

Miller-Meeks’ story is probably the most impressive of any candidate that I’ve seen run for office in Iowa. So while they high light Greenwald’s resume they gloss over Miller-Meeks’. Seriously, this is laughable. Miller-Meeks is a former nurse, 24 year military veteran, emergency room physician, faculty member both the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa, first female president of the Iowa Medical Society, and is an Ophthalmologist in private practice. Heck I heard somewhere that she can speak Korean.

Now if you only read the Des Moines Register you wouldn’t even know that Iowa’s 2nd congressional District has the opportunity to elect the first female to Congress. I believe the Register is going to have a little egg on their face on November 5th when Becky Greenwald is still just a Dem activist, and Miller-Meeks is going to be Iowa’s fist female in Congress.

And just for my own editorial purposes, that’s the way it should be. Miller-Meeks has been breaking the glass ceiling her entire life, she’s a great role model for young women. If anyone is going to break that glass ceiling in this election cycle its Miller-Meeks. We should all help her do it, and make the Des Moines Register look like fools.


  1. Mr. Krusty,

    You failed to point out that the Des Moines Register went 7 for 7 with Democratic endorsements and 0 for 7 on Republican endorsements.

    While this is not completely surprising, you'd think they could at least play the gender card and endorse Miller-Meeks too just for good measure.

    They selected all Democrats for all 5 seats in Congress and Harkin and OBiden.

    Even in 2006, they endorsed Leach. What a sham.

    I will be notifying all of my friends and acquaintenances to cancel their subscriptions. If the Des Moines Register can be brought down, we can improve Iowa.

  2. Let's not forget that Greenwald also was closely aligned with the other far left feamle wannabe in the Dem party: Denise O'Brien. I have subscribed to the Register for years. No more.

  3. What's the connection with Becky Greenwald and that Cattle Killer Denise O'Brien?

  4. I think they live together or something...

  5. Greenwald tries to portray herself as tradional ag and yet gave money to and actively campaigned for O'Brien in 2006. Most reasonable and knowledgable ag oriented Dems backed Northey in 06 because they had the good judgment to see her for what she is : a sham and a left of left liberal. Greenwald didn't have good judgment then and she doesn't now. Iowa needs Latham.

  6. "The Newspaper all Polk County Depends On." When it comes to the Register, things are not what they used to be.

    With next round of lay-offs, will home delivery in Altoona become a thing of the past?

  7. Krusty:

    Just plain excellent analysis. Hell, you should start a newspaper, I'd subscribe.

    The Register is hollow. Their endorsements smell of pure partisanship. They have no one on that staff who even listens to conservatives, or moderates.

    They favor single payer health care, government takeover of the banks, insurance and financial industries, and the auto makers.

    Never has their bias been so clear. Never will they be proven so wrong.

    Bailout Becky has been dead in the water for a MONTH. Latham is pounding her relentlessly. The only thing that even keeps her above 45% is the Des Moines Register. Maybe when we see the final FEC filings, we'll find out she actually used her campaign cash to finance staff members who routinely publish her press releases.

  8. Cattle Killer Denise O'Brien!

    It was funny then and funny now.

  9. we need to get out the VOTE for MILLER-MEEKS...

    I can SMELL VICTORY and it is SWEET!!!

  10. According to Wikipedia-
    "During the 1960s, circulation of the Register peaked at nearly 250,000 for the daily edition and 500,000 for the Sunday edition – more than the population of Des Moines at the time" Current Circulation of the Register as of 2007
    146,050 Daily
    233,229 Sunday[1]

    Now gang. I just think what some conservative ought to do is start some blog to do the news coverage that Register used to do. Yes Krusty you are doing good work here but I would like something that does general news about Iowa and then you put the billboards up for it all over 235 and eventually you will have people reading it and doing head to head competition for the Register. Sadly gang I think most of the people that read the Register are moving to the Villages in Florida.

  11. What is this "Des Moines Register" you all keep talking about?

  12. Circulation at the Des Moines Register as of Sept. 30, 2008, was 135,756, down 3.9 percent from 141,330 on Sept. 30, 2007. Sunday circulation was 219,745, down 4.4 percent from 229,757 a year ago. You have to remember thought that some of the decline since the 1960s is due to ending statewide circulation.

  13. Denise lied and Cattle died.

    Is Becky maybe smarter than Chet Not Stupid?

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