Friday, October 10, 2008

Watch this

I'm afraid that 5 years from now, we will be trying to figure out what the hell we were thinking when people were outraged about what a lying dishonorable liar Sarah Palin was by not proving for once and for all that she gave birth to her own child, while we swallowed Obama's laying this fiasco at the feet of McCain without compunction.


  1. So one day you blame Obama for this crisis,

    The next you say he doesnt have experience.

    The next you show me tape of predictions made before he was a senator.

    Than you tell me it is Obama's fault.


    I doubt that it is Palin's child.

    It is more likely the Bi-partisan report that said she abused her power,
    Or her complete ignorance of foreign policy,
    Maybe it is the fact they she didnt support Sex Ed programs only to have her teenage daughter get pregnant out of wedlock,
    Maybe it is her husband's ties with the Alaska Independence Party,
    Maybe its her support of the bridge to nowhere?
    Maybe it's because she left Wassilla, Alaska millions of dollars in debt?
    Maybe it is because she has no economic experience?
    And on and on and on

  2. Krusty,

    I have an invitation to an exciting Ohio event coming up soon that I'd like to get to you. Would you please email me at ken at samadamsalliance dot org so I might get that invitation to you ASAP? I'm trying to contact several bloggers in this fashion. Please reference your blog name when you respond so I know for sure which bloggers I am in touch with.



  3. Sorry Krusty,

    Brain fade ... it's an Iowa event.


  4. Hurricane,

    You're a jackass.