Thursday, October 16, 2008

Becky Bailout

One of the major stories coming on the heels of yesterdays financial disclosures was the news that 4th District Challenger Becky Greenwald out raised Congressman Tom Latham $308,452.01 to $290,812.32. There’s just one catch, Becky blew it all and has a meager $25k cash on hand and owes her consultant $11k of that.

This supports what I wrote about yesterday. The Greenwald campaign knew when the DCCC was going to be polling in the district and went up heavy on TV to artificially inflate their numbers in hopes that the DCCC would dump a bunch of money in her race. It worked, the DCCC has put the 4th District race as a target, but with the news that Greenwald is broke and the fact that Latham is pounding her on TV and Radio don’t be surprised to see the DCCC scale back or move to more fertile ground.

I guess we should call her Becky Bailout. She would have voted to use your tax dollars to reward the greed on Wall Street, and she has to rely on the DCCC to bailout her Congressional campaign. Sounds like a classic liberal to me.


  1. A note about Becky: With her family connections to Garst as well as her current position with Pioneer, you would think she would align herself with tradional Iowa ag policies. However, records indicate that she supported Denise O'Brien ( remember her? The failed "organic" activist farmer whose family's neglect of livestock led to their demise?). She even gave Denise money during the 2006 race against Bill Northey. Greenwald is trying to cozy up with farmers saying she is one of them. This points out that she is way off in "left" field.

  2. Correction anon 9:28: Her FORMER position with Pioneer. She claims she "retired" from there.

  3. Retirement is an interesting word to use. I worked with Becky -- she was pushed out -- it was no secret that she was dead weight -- so much so that they "transitioned" her position to Minnesota. She for some reason stuck around. And the topic of conversation around the office for months was - "why is she still here when her job was moved?" - She held out for a year's salary and health benefits - more like blackmail if you ask me. This is not someone who works hard or is motivated -- turns my stomach that she gets any credibility by the press -- if they had only dug deeper they would see who the real Becky is.

  4. OK OK

    Yes, it is a FACT that Greenwald DID NOT retire. She was pushed out like a corn seed in spring.

    She still hasn't matched Selden Spencer in fundraising from the last cycle and Spencer was as bad a candidate as Paul Johnson.

    John Norris pulled in over a million and still went down with only 43%

    Greenwald and her special interests bought her the primary win, but haven't been enough to prove she is competent enough for the "Big Show"

    I wonder how the other candidates would have stacked up about right now.

    I'm just glad that Marine didn't win, I think he would have given us the biggest scare yet.