Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Thespian Revolution

I don’t know about you but I find the recent videos of kids singing to Superior Leader Obama to be a bit troubling to say the least. For me it started a few weeks ago with a video of young children singing about Obama. Then yesterday we saw a video of Obama Youth who are marching in fatigues and espousing that Obama has inspired them to this, that or other things.

We are lead to believe that these things just happen, oh and a camera was there to capture it and then someone walked by and offered to edit it. Don’t fool yourself, nothing is spontaneous in politics, it’s all planned and implemented. Heck, even the Obama staff has a time to star in their own little artsy videos.

I can’t wait till these guys are in the White House and need to take a Thespian Break during a crisis or feel the need to force schools to teach our children choreography and Superior Leader Obama songs.

Don’t laugh, it’s done in other places around the world. Just look at what these kids can do if they work together.

I’m sure the liberals and Obama freaks think that North Korea looks like a nice place to live. I mean these are the same people who were so moved by China’s opening and closing ceremonies and longed for America to be able to do something like that… As I watched the above video it didn’t take too much imagination to see Superior Leader Obama sitting right next to Kim Jong Il with that big toothy smile…

God help us


  1. The bar has been set so high for Obama, with a messianic frenzy over his candidacy, that he has nowhere to go but down if he does win. The promises he has made, the platitudes he has espoused are just too much for one mere mortal and at the end of the day here's what he is: an experienced Chicago politician who wants to tax the rich, tax investments,and I don't know , just tax his way to economic prosperity to make sure the government can 1. Get out of debt and 2. provide a more socialistic society than we already have. This will result in 1. More debt 2. Less investment and 3. An even more bloated Government straining to keep up (See CALIFORNIA's problem's as a perfect example).

    Oh and he promises to end the war RIGHT NOW and bring the troops HOME. As I recall, that is what all the Democrats promised in 06 and then with their majorties they....oh yeah, left the troops there.

    The bottom line is this: They make promises based on lies and political rhetoric and when they are in office they do not follow through. So, I predict Obama will fall fast and hard if he is elected.Like I said, when you strip away all the pomp and circumsatance,he is just an experienced Chicago politician.

  2. The one with Obama headquarters is hideous. But the blonde in the black sweater has a nice rack.

  3. Awww... Poor lil' krusty got his panties in a bunch because McCain is getting his ass kicked.

    How bout you rub some vagisil on it and cry into your pillow.

    No matter who you call a communist wont change the results of this election.

    You and your fascist cronies are going down.

  4. Someone needs to do a little reading and discover the proper use of the word fascist. While McCain has some fascist tendencies (along with being certifiably nuts) he doesn't hold a candle to Obama. The man drips with it. He's all about fascism.

    Frankly I hope he wins. I can't wait to see the inevitable trainwreck.

  5. Glad 10:24 can gloat now because when he has no money cause when Obama takes over--it'll be this country that 'goes down'.