Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you smarter than pollster Becky Greenwald?

Ok, wait a minute…

Fourth District Congressional Candidate Becky Greenwald doesn’t know the difference between a bill and a law, but she is now an experienced pollster?

Apparently the Latham campaign released their enternal poll showing them with a 56 to 34 percent lead after Greenwald released the results of a poll that shows her down only 5 points to Latham. Both polls use a small sample size, but Greenwald is quick to dismiss the poll showing Latham with a comfortable lead.

I was told that Becky poo-pooed the Tarrance poll by using her grown up running for congress person voice to utter the following gem: "I just know from my market research background that you really need a 400 sample size," Greenwald said Monday.

Say what?!?!

So 400 is the standard sample size for every possible poll according to "market research expert' Becky Greenwald - whether you are polling the whole nation or a high school of 500 students.

Anyone who has taken a simple statistics course knows that factors of universe and sample size yield what is called the margin of error. Maybe we now know why Pioneer ushered Becky and her unique knowledge of marketing out the door.


  1. To answer your question... maybe...

    I can draw a perfect tiger hawk, does that count? (smirk)

  2. Kochel has a great post today over at inflyovercountry.com.
    A must-read for all of us.

  3. hmmmm...
    So an independant poll says Latham by 4%

    And Latham's own, bought and paid for poll says Latham by 20+

    Whom do I believe???

  4. Duuuude - Kochel rules! It has GOT to be him because clearly nobody else in the Iowa blogosphere is as fucking smart as him. I wish they were. Stupid fucking dumb asses. Thank God we have bloggers who can actually spell.

  5. Duuude. he's a douche bag.