Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latham Pounds Greenwald –McCain’s Last Stand-Show me the MONEY!

Fear not my friends, I know I’m a lazy bum and didn’t write yesterday but I’m not about to turn into the Real Sporer or QCI. Just kidding guys, you know I love ya. Well there is lots of stuff to talk about today, so I’m going to touch on them and the maybe elaborate tomorrow.

Is Latham in trouble?!?

The quick answer is no. In fact Latham has probably run his best campaign since being elected, and his recent votes against the bailout have helped him with the base. Sorry Becky it’s not going to happen. I know that some of you are then asking why is Latham attacking Becky Greenwald on her support of the bailout. Simple, she made a huge mistake by taking that position tieing herself to a very unpopular congress. Latham’s ad is well done and plays well in the little towns that make up the 4th district.

Yesterday Greenwald wisely chose to use Latham’s attacks to call for a television debate, giving that argument that Latham must be scared. She also helped make that point by announcing that the DCCC has targeted her race, which means they will probably pour some major resources into the 4th CD.

However, Jayson Clayworth of the Des Moines Register asked a great question that sheds a lot of light on the 4th District race yesterday. Clayworth asked Greenwald if her campaign was out of money since they have not aired their TV ads recently. She denied and said it was strategy.

She’s telling the truth. Greenwald went up early on TV to seed a poll that the DCCC was doing to see if her race was competitive. So while Greenwald’s gamble worked in the sense that she’s going to get some needed financial help from the DCCC, she also blew her cash on that early TV, and when she went dark, Latham came in and has been relentless. Smart move on Latham’s part.

McCain’s Last Stand

John McCain has a lot riding on tonight’s final presidential debate. Obama has opened himself up for a direct line of questioning on William Ayers by pondering with the media why McCain hasn’t made those acuzations to his face in the debate. Careful what you wish for Barack.

John McCain is a fighter, and we all know how badly he wants to win. If you have been looking for fireworks this is a must watch debate. I’ll be posting on it tonight. So check in late (I have to make up for yesterday.)

Money, Money, Money

October quarterly reports are due today. We will get to see how these campaigns stack up, especially in the 2nd and 4th congressional districts. Updates to follow when numbers for both candidates are in. Also speaking of money, state numbers cone in on the 19th. We will cover that as well.

I can’t believe it’s not earned!

Obama’s new wealth spread.


  1. Greenwood is running a very negative campaign in the 4th district. I live here and I see a lot of stuff.

    I think you might be wrong but I think Latham could be in trouble. The base of Christian crazies really needs to turn out.

  2. Anon 11:24... Becky Greenwald has been exposed as being another Dave Loebsack clone...Saying and doing everything that the DCCC says to say.

    However..there is a big difference between Loebsack and Greenwald..

    Leach didn't campaign worth a crap when he ran against Loebsack..Latham is going to fight every day until Election Day

  3. Clearly, 11:24 is just another D campaign wienie.

  4. Greenwild has 25,000 left in the bank so it looks like she'll be running an aggressive campaign until the end!


    Latham is in some deep trouble, obviously.