Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miller-Meeks outraised Congressman Loebsack

I don’t know how you can’t like the fight and determination of Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Isn’t this the type of candidate we long to represent us?

All throughout the primary Dr. Miller-Meeks had to listen to those in the media talk about how a relatively unknown woman from the rural part of the district can’t win the Republican primary against a well known businessman from Cedar Rapids. She was unfazed and won her primary. After the primary the media was quick to write her off because of the advantage Democrats have in the 2nd district in terms of voter registration. She kept her head down and continued to work.

I have to admit I was stunned to learn that Miller-Meeks was able to out raise Congressman Loebsack in the last three months of the campaign. Miller-Meeks raised $108,599.26 and gave her campaign $20k putting her total for the quarter at $128,559.26 compared to Congressman Loebsack’s $108,142.10. So even without her personal contribution Miller-Meeks outpaced Loebsack by $417.16.

The picture for Loebsack is much worse if you consider he only raised $36,432.10 from individuals. Loebsack continues to rely on special interest groups to fund his campaign, while Miller-Meeks has had to rely on funding her campaign through the grassroots.

I have been amazed at the amount of column space the Des Moines Register has given Becky Greenwald, yet they have basically ignored the campaign that Miller-Meeks has run. While Loebsack still enjoys a cash on hand advantage of $ 456,656.96 to $83,274.27 (5 to 1 ratio), Latham has a 31 to 1 cash on hand advantage over Greenwald. Plus we all know that Congressman Loebsack exactly well thought of in the 2nd CD while Latham is very popular.

I guess we should not be surprised when Miller-Meeks defeats conventional wisdom because if you have ever heard her story (later in the show) she’s done it her entire life. There is something afoot in the 2nd District, Miller-Meeks has proved to be a relentless campaigner and in a year where the American people are upset with Congress and looking for intelligent, competent people to represent them anything can happen.

Get behind Miller-Meeks folks, she’s got a chance.


  1. In the only statewide race, polls indicate Harkin has a strong lead over Marion businessman Christopher Reed. The relative ease of this re-election bid is a change for Harkin, who has typically faced well-financed challengers.

    "It's stunningly not in play," said Gronstal.

    At the congressional level, all five incumbents -- three Democrats and two Republicans -- have used the power of their offices to build enormous financial advantages that are traditionally tough for challengers to overcome.

    In the Legislature, Democrats control the state Senate by a 30-20 edge, with 25 seats at stake in the election. Republicans are defending 14 seats, and Democrats are defending 11.

    Worse for Republicans, six incumbents decided not to seek another term in office and legislative strategists said they'll consider it a victory if they don't lose any seats.

    "If you look at the numbers, we currently hold 20 seats and we've got six people retiring," said Senate Minority Leader Ron Wieck, R-Sioux City. "That's a pretty steep hill to climb."

    Gronstal said Democrats feel confident as the election approaches.

    "It doesn't seem like they have much in play," he said. "If we're surprised at anything, it's kind of the lack of activity."

    The margin is closer in the House, where Democrats hold a 53-47 majority. Democrats start with an edge with 49 incumbents seeking another term if office, 11 more than Republicans.

    Rants said the GOP still can achieve a majority in the House, but he conceded it's a tough fight with a political atmosphere favoring Democrats.

    "I've never had the opportunity to run with the wind at my back," said Rants, a bit wistfully.

    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Des Moines, argued that Democrats are positioned to pick up seats.

    "The tracking polls are encouraging," said McCarthy. "We've got the best recruiting class we've ever had."


  2. Braley $965,063
    Hartsuch $41,836

    Loebsack $794,856
    Miller Meeks $133,895

    Boswell $1,433,337
    Schmett $136,180

    Latham $1,350,966
    Greenwald $454,946

    King $837,456
    Hubler $205,496

    Miller-Meeks is wonderful. But she is far from the Ultra Right Militant Krusty. Shes more Jim Leach than Steve King.

  3. Maybe you should ask Steve King about that.

  4. Hey Truth..

    Miller-Meeks has been the STAR candidate for the Republican Party this year...She's raised the most money of ANY of our federal candidates up for office..and she just OUTFUNDRAISED the sitting incumbent for the quarter.

    She's didnt go run to a radio show and complain that RPI wasn't "supporting her"..

    She's been out on the road..doing events all over the 2nd District..supporting local candidates running for office...she's proven she can raise $$..

    This is a candidate that we need to BUILD OUR PARTY around...

  5. I have liked Miller-Meeks since the start of her primary. She has an uphill battle it sounds like she is doing a nice job. But just as I thought then if she unfortunately losses I hope she does not get discouraged she. She will have gotten some valuable experience and I hope she will continue a career in Iowa politics because she is a great GOP asset!

  6. A strong finish with the OCT 21 debate in LINN could put Miller-Meeks over the top.

    she's one cool lady.

  7. MMM is definitely working hard.