Friday, October 17, 2008

Greenwald’s attempt to buy a seat in Congress

I spent a little time getting to know Becky Greenwald’s October FEC report a little better last night. Her $300K haul was impressive, but to get the real story you need to look what who’s giving to her campaign, not just the grand total.

For example I was floored to see that 33% ($150,000.00) that she has raised in her campaign has come from her own pocket, or from the Garst Seed family money. Now THAT is the way to buy a congressional seat! Maybe at next year’s Garst Family reunion they can wear t-shirts saying, “We gave Becky $150k and all she got was an ass kicking.”

I have to admit however, that after reading Greenwald’s FEC report I’m a little depressed. As the Godfather of the Iowa blogosphere I consider myself to be well established, well that’s not the case. I noticed that DesMoinesDem from Bleeding Heartland gave Greenwald’s campaign $2400.00 and gave Ron Hubler’s campaign $2000.00.

This upsets me for a couple of reasons. First, now campaigns are going to come asking me for money, and secondly, I think I might have overlooked the $250,000 blogger earned income tax credit hidden in the bailout bill? No wonder Greenwald supported the Wall Street Bailout.

While I’m at it, people can now search the Iowa Campaign disclosures. This is something bloggers on both sides have wanted for a long time. So for example, I was able to determine that DesMoinesDem has given state candidates $4,350 since 2003.

What am I doing wrong, why am I broke and can’t afford to contribute to candidates?

On another note
, former Republican National Committeeman Steve Roberts felt the need to punch Christopher Reed in the final days by his quote in today’s Des Moines Register.

Des Moines Republican Steve Roberts, a former longtime Republican National Committee member, said the one-sided race is a sign of turmoil within the Iowa GOP and an enthusiasm gap that favors the Democrats. "I think this is the toughest time the Iowa Republican Party has had in its history," Roberts said. "I think it's a walk in the park for Harkin. Actually, he doesn't even have to go to the park."

Roberts painted a pretty bad picture for Republicans while he was still National Committeeman so this doesn’t surprise me. I just don’t understand why people can’t get it through their head to take a swing at Harkin when the opportunity arises. Instead we piss in our own well.


  1. 1) You wouldnt be talking so much about Becky if you thought she really didnt have a chance.

    2) Tom Latham had the money, the statewide popularity and the backers to take a shot at Harkin's seat...He just didnt have the cahunas.

    3) Redistricting will more than than likely absolve Ames (Where Latham is living into the DM dominated 3rd district where Latham will have a hard fight to beat Fallon, or whoever the Dems will put in for the 3rd.

    I dont believe that Becky will win, that being said, she is doing a hell of a lot better than she should, being a nobody from Dallas County.

    I really hope our Republicans dont lie down and play dead in 2010 like they did this year, before you start blaming Chris Reed, why dont you point the finger where it belongs, at Latham and King for not having the balls to step up to the plate

  2. 10:50 is an idiot.
    Lathem run against Harkin in the worst climate for the GOP in decades he will lose. For his open seat the party would nominate some yea-who like Reid or Schmit or other guy who have no campaign, and suddenly King is the only elephant left representing us.
    Latham isn't gutless, he's smart.

  3. I don't usually answer back to paid staffers, but its Friday so what the hell.

    1. Wrong, its important to expose a fraud.

    2. Wrong, Latham is a power player in the House. We need him where he's at. Sorry we didn't sacrifice a sitting Congressman at Harkin's feet. Plus I'd rather run an outsider against Harkin.

    3. Latham's move to Ames was smart. If Latham is asked to represent a golden circle type district he wins it running away. his name ID is already sky high, and Fallon is a has been. he should have waited for Leonard to retire or Maybe you should have given him more than $640 bucks when he ran from office. trust me, Boz will retire after 2010, giving Latham his seat, and King is put in some huge rural district worse than he already has.

    4. She not the little old Dem County Chair from Dallas County you guys try to make her out to be.

    5. Sorry Republicans didn't play along and give up a congressional seat to run against Harkin.

  4. Senator Jepsen. Nearer my credit card to thee, oh painted ladies.

    Senator Ray? Who needs D. C.?

    Senator Leach? That would have required PAC and out of state money. No go.

    Senator Tauke.

    Senator Lightfoot (Governor Lightfoot).

    Senator Ganske.

    Senator Reed. A novice storming Babylon's wall with no current office at stake. He desrves more respect.

    Senator ? Filling the blank will require experience and STATEWIDE recognition. A Republican Governor in '10 would be a good start.

  5. To the first commenter:

    Cahunas (actually, "Kahunas") generally refers to boobs.

    Cahones generally refers to testicles.

    Get your vulgar slang straight.

  6. The truth is that Harkin's numbers are pathetic. This seat was perfectly winable for the Republicans.

    Harkin should be embarassed. His numbers are only 14 percentage points ahead of an unknown.

    Harkin has millions and Reed has nothing at yet, look at it.

    Harkin is not well liked and is a socialist who is vulnerable.

    Democrat control in Iowa and the nation is wrecking the economies of both.

    They're spending us into oblivion and enriching themselves in the process.

    Stupid voters dont' realize it is greedy Democrats in the congress and Obama's campaign that created this mess and they made off like bandits with millions of dollars in the process.

  7. Yes, the fellas running Tom's campaign in Ames should adopt that idea and get some t-shirts that say that.

    Krusty the smart campaign manager.

    I would like to see people wearing those.

    Tom's got my vote anyway - we are lucky to have him here in Story County.

  8. have you seen Harkin's latest ad?
    It is like the children coming to Jesus. His camp is very good at getting the stupid emotional voters. The truth doesn't matter with Harkin. He will save you, protect you, and darn it, he cares about and works hard for Iowans.
    If you disagree or challenge, you are just a mean old Republican.
    RPI is worthless. When was the last winner? Branstad? Vaudt ran against a dog catcher and Northey ran against a Greenpeace nut....and we BARELY WIN.

  9. Sorry you cannot afford the big bucks of desmoinesdem.

    When desmoinesdem is the infamous Laura Belin you can afford to help buy and election for another Jew.

    Belin spend 1989 on the Garst family farm in Coon Rapids...interesting, eh?

    Someday, you'll need to run a story specifically on desmoinesdem and the financial webs she spins around the state

  10. We did barely win with Vaudt and Northey, but it's not all RPI fault. As Republicans we do a really poor job in the primary process. Northey barely won becuase he wasn't a strong campaigner and had no message except i'm a farmer. In Iowa we picked Huckabee, no national strength for a message and so robbed our party of a winnable ticket with Romney. It's stupid, single issue iowa republicans that are causing a lot of our losses.

  11. Let's beat up in Democrats, ok? They deserve our wrath.

    This bunch of yahoos has run this state's finances in the ground and they're on the verge of retaining their majorities?

    How stupid can the people of Iowa be? We had better hope Republicans take back the Iowa House and put the brakes on the Democrats' runaway spending.

    Democrats are bankrupting us.

  12. Russ from WintersetOctober 18, 2008 at 10:53 PM

    Anon @ 8:16, Please leave the Jew-baiting to the professionals. Democrats do this so much better than we do it, mainly because they get so much more practice at it.

  13. Paid staffer?

    Wow... I am a Republican, albeit a young Republican and have only voted in one election, but wow, I cant believe how angry some of the true partisans get when you criticize their wet dream candidate...

    Ed Fallon was a good candidate. He didnt accept any money from PAC's and still was able to raise more money than ANY primary challenger in the state, of ANY party. He really breaks with his party along the lines of corporate welfare and breaks for failing businesses.

    Becky Greenwald DOES have a chance to win, and she is the only candidate in the state who has a chance as a challenger, according to most sites.

    Latham would have had a great chance to beat Harkin. Yeah, I admit it is not a certainty, and thats why he didnt run but I would say he would have ten points on Reed...

    And Krusty, why don't you just write under your own name instead of writing in Anon twenty times to make people believe that others share your BS opinon

  14. 9:14.. I'll call you out on your BS..because either 1. you're ignorant..or 2. you're really gullible enough to believe what you're writing.

    Recent history here shows that when the GOP has put up a sitting Congressman against Harkin..its been very unsuccessful..

    The list is long..Tauke, Lightfoot, Ganske. a result of it..we've lost a good congressman..and potential candidates for future office..but probably most importantly..people that would have bolstered fundraising for the State Party as a whole...

    When Lightfoot stepped down to run for Senate..we got stuck with Boswell...Tauke and Ganske both left Iowa politics altogether

    Latham knows that..and he knows that he has much to continue to contribute to the GOP and to our state party.

    To challenge have to have two things..

    1. Demonstrated ability that you can win STATE level elections..not just a congressional district..but STATE level.

    2. Ability to fundraise on a national level like your life depended on it.

    Right now..we need to get back to basics...retake the Legislature..Executive Branch offices..strength comes in numbers.

  15. Fine,

    I am not an insider. I am just stating my opinon. Maybe I am ignorant, and you are right Harkin has won many races, but not by much.

    I suppose we do need someone who can win statewide races, but who is that? We dont have anyone who can. We have Grassley and before that was Terry Branstadt in 1994.

    I guess Im saying someone needs to take a chance.