Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leach leads Republicans for Obama in Iowa

Former Congressman Jim Leach is holding Republican’s for Obama events across the state this week. I have a couple of thoughts on this.

1.Outside of Davenport and Iowa City Leach doesn’t have much influence over the Republican electorate. It’s just a gimmick to garner news coverage. In fact many Republicans in Iowa City and the Quad Cities are pissed off at him, so his crowds might be rather small.

2.Anyone else find it odd that Leach is about to do more campaigning than he ever did for himself. Leach refused to do anything in his reelection campaigns, and never really helped other candidates on the ticket. Now he is actually working against our candidates running for the state house, state senate, and Dr. Miller-Meeks who is seeking to knock off Dave Loebsack.

Thanks Jim


  1. Personally, I hope the State Central Committee officially repudiates Leach being associated with the Republican Party. Sever the ties...If Leach wants to turn his back on our party..fine. Don't associate yourself with our party then. It runs both ways, Jim.

    Leach isn't even an Iowan any more.. He's living full time on the East Coast, teaching at Princeton and making nice with the East Coast liberal crowd...

  2. Anon 10:03
    Well stated. This man has left the Party and has left me wondering why we put up with his antics for so long. WTF

  3. Don't hate the playa, hate the gameOctober 2, 2008 at 12:22 PM

    You arm-chair conservatives are pathetic.

    You want people to cross over from the democratic party to become republicans why? So you can treat them like shit for being moderate republicans? As Dr. Phil would say, "how's that working for ya"?

    The party has treated Leach like crap for years. First we took away his chairmanship of the banking committee, then passed him over for the chairmanship of the international relations committee in favor of Henry Hyde who resigned shortly thereafter for an extra-marital affair. In addition, the man most responsible for Leach not getting re-elected is currently the Iowa GOP executive director. His gay marriage and abortion direct mail shenanigans are of legend in Iowa.

    So is it any wonder that Leach after serving the republican party over there in eastern iowa for 30 years and putting up with all the undermining from his own party has decided to swing back?

  4. can we send out the same jack boot thugs that obama is using to stifle free speech in Missouri over ads they think are misleading?

    leach is a walking talking misleading advertisement.

    He's a big fat liar telling big fat lies.

    He was never a republican. Don't remember anything about him that sounded republican.

    See what happens when people vote republican without any demand from their "republican" leaders to act like republicans?

    They get Jim Leach - who, apparently, has no core convictions at all - just wanted the "easiness" of winning without trying during a time when R's dominated in Iowa.

    As soon as it turns blue - so does Jim Leach. Out of convenience, not conviction.

    He's a lying fake phony embarrassment to everyone who ever voted for him ever.

  5. By the way, asshole demoocrats - Jim Leach is the Leach in Gram Leach Bliley that you all are bitching about to destract people from the real culprits on this economy.

    The Fanny Freddie mess is the core and it's 100% democrats who did it, starting with Barney Fag on top.

  6. If a hypocrite farts in the woods, does it make a sound?October 2, 2008 at 12:35 PM

    Leach got internet gambling outlawed. I didn't see any SoCos get that one done nor give him any credit for it.

  7. For Immediate Release
    Thursday October 2, 2008

    Contact: Jarret Heil, 641.485.4854

    Sodders Swings and Misses

    Yesterday the baseball and political postseason entered full swing and another team has a loss next to their name—Steve Sodders and his liberal 527 special interest group from Des Moines. When the first pitch was thrown in the political season, Sodders and his special interest group resorted to the spread of false information to gain traction in Iowa's District 22 State Senate race, and they've missed the ball badly.

    “My sister called to tell me she received a mailer about a bogus plan to raise the national sales tax,” Heil stated. "It is disappointing that so early in the political season my opponent and his special interest friends are resorting to desperate lies and distortions to gain traction in their campaign. The citizens of the District 22 will not allow this election to be purchased by Steve Sodders’ lobbyist friends from Des Moines."

    The Midwest Enterprise Group is a liberal special interest group supporting Sodders who claims Heil is in favor of a federal tax plan which the United States Congress would have to vote for to pass. A State Senator will never see such legislation come across their desk.

    Heil went on to say, “As State Senator, I will be a watchdog for the taxpayer by supporting policies that reduce taxes and the size of government and allow small businesses, communities and its citizens to thrive. Keeping the record straight on the issues is a homerun for the voters and I will continue to do just that as a State Senator.”


  8. Did somebody say hijack?

  9. 10:03....

    Yes, we must have the mighty Central Committee get involved!

    They can fix anything.


  10. I can not believe this guy. And, how were the events? He's used as a prop for was the turnout? 3...6...250? Will there be reporting on how badly the events were attended?

  11. I think I speak for most of us...

    Dear Leach,

    Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

    Republicans in Iowa

  12. Republicans of Iowa,

    You suck. You're losing by 12 points in Iowa

    Obama also has a lead in

    Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, NH, and New Mexico for a grand total of 353-185.

    McCain is done!!!

  13. What a Jackass!

    Keep at it Krusty!

  14. The Republicans for Obama is one thing, no conservative republican who actually believes in conservativeism would vote for Obama. But when he starts campaigning against our Congressional candidates too, then he needs to just leave the party, the only possible reason for him to stay affiliated with the party is so he can campaign for Democrats as a Republican. Plus, he's obviously not gonna get a lot of Republicans at a "Republicans for Democrats" event

  15. Translation of Jpred,

    Sob...McCain is losing in Iowa...Sob... How dare this man who has lived his life standing up to conservatives have an opinon of his own...Sob... McCain is losing so horribly!

  16. Gee annon 10:21 ... You know who else was up by 15 points with less than a month to go? Jim Lightfoot! In fact he was up by about 35% if memory serves.

    While its true, Lightfoot and Obama a different people both share one striking similarity ... They were/are WAY over confident. Polls among registered voters are totally worthless. If you start taking samples among “likely voters” the numbers tighten up … a lot.