Friday, October 24, 2008

New Latham Ad


  1. Dear God I love this man!

  2. Action: Ask Dave Loebsack to pay his DCCC dues
    by: desmoinesdem
    Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 11:30:00 AM CDT
    Chris Bowers of Open Left has officially launched the Use It or Lose It campaign to get safe Democratic incumbents to pay their dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He developed a spreadsheet showing dues owed by 54 House Democrats, along with contact information for their campaigns.

    Iowa's own Dave Loebsack is on the list. Apparently, he owes $125,000. Contact information for his campaign:

    319-351-3283 (phone) (e-mail)

    Bowers gives good advice here:

    We will ask for the members of Congress to pay all, or at least some, of their remaining dues in order to build a larger Democratic majority. We will be polite, and we will call their campaign offices, as it is inappropriate to ask for campaign money when calling a congressional office.

    Leonard Boswell is not on Bowers' spreadsheet, and I'm trying to find out whether that's because he has paid his DCCC dues. Bowers removed names of members who've paid, but also took off those designated by the DCCC as "frontline Democrats." Boswell was put in that category during the third district primary campaign, but he obviously is not facing a serious challenge during the general election. If he hasn't given to the DCCC, he should be added to the Use It or Lose It effort.

    If all 54 Democrats on the spreadsheet pay their dues, the DCCC would have an additional $6.5 million to spend in the final week. That would support a lot of ad buys in a lot of districts where we have good challengers.

    If you live in the second district, please call Loebsack's campaign and politely ask him to give to the DCCC. Then post a comment reporting what you've been told, or send me a confidential e-mail (desmoinesdem AT
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  3. Latham is killing it!!!!!

  4. Is Des Moines Dem so drunk at 11:30am on a Friday that she thinks we care about this? Time for AA!

  5. Krusty quit being such a pussy and post under your own name.

    I know your clinging to the only house race your sure to win in the worst year for the GOP since 1964, but get over it and grow some balls

  6. William M? "Pussy" "Grow some balls" Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. Had you not been a "pussy" and had you had some "balls" you wouldn't had let the Iowa Democrat establishment push you around and out of the 4_CD race. If you had a pair you wouldn't have been intimadated by the Dems, and pushed forward with your independent bid. But you folded and all you haver left are random blog post..........pathetic.

  7. Looks like someone is new to the Krusty Nation...

    Trying to krack the Krusty Kode is so 2005...

    Latham is gonna win... and again and again... just deal with it.