Thursday, October 30, 2008

IDP absentee program.

Iowa Democrats are accused of pressuring an 87 year old woman to vote absentee by a Democratic campaign volunteer, there is nothing wrong with that right? Well the woman is named Angela Murphy-Hayes and she’s a dementia patient, was coerced to cast a ballot about two weeks ago.

This is just sickening.

Democrats love to remind us how much they care about people, especially the sick, poor, and elderly, but these are the same people they exploit when every election rolls around. They don’t care about these people; they just want them to vote for their socialistic policies.

Wake up America!

Around the Delegation

First District: Are you tired of political ads or wish campaigns took a different tone? Well you might want to consider moving to Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Incumbent Bruce Braley and challenger Dr. David Hartsuch have run TV ads. I get the Hartsuch absence, but Braley would be smart to become better known in the Quad Cities. Hartsuch made the most news after being snubbed by the McCain Campaign. His conservative credentials are impeccable, and he is an intelligent individual, I just wish he would have been able to build somewhat of a traditional campaign, because while I think Braley will win, the margin might surprise some people.

Second District: I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Miller-Meeks, but what the heck is Loebsack doing? We joke about Dick Cheney being in an undisclosed location, but the same could be said for Loebsack this election cycle. Sure he’s run some TV ads, but where is the grassroots effort he had in 2006. Obama isn’t doing him any favors either. Loebsack is in trouble folks.

Third District: Finally we had some news on the race. Challenger Kim Schmett blasted the Boz over the response to the Iowa Floods. While the floods are a huge issue in the 2nd CD, it’s a little trickier in the 3rd where the damage wasn’t catastrophic. Like Hartsuch, Schmett’s campaign has had little or no financial resources to work with which is unfortunate sine Boz spent so much money in the primary and the Register hates him.

Forth District
: While the Register focuses on an incompetent candidate, Tom Latham has run an excellent campaign. I find it odd that Greenwald rolled out a 60 second ad, she needs volume in the final days before an election. Latham is traveling the district and out there meeting the people. While I’m sure the Latham folks would have liked another cake walk, we have seen to Latham emerge as a tremendous campaigner.

Fifth District
: I don’t spend much time on it because it’s solidly King Country. Ron or Rob Hubler (sorry it’s not worth my time looking up) looked like a dufus a few weeks back when he criticized King for taking some credit for the completion of Highway 20. Anyone who’s worked on the project would tell you that King and his staff have worked night and day on that project. While the Dems can dream about dethroning King, it’s simply not going to happen.


  1. Sorry Krusty. Hartsuch is gonna get his ass kicked. And for a good reason. Worst candidate ever.

  2. tell your mom hi for meOctober 30, 2008 at 12:02 PM

    More like Hartsuck.

  3. A democrat voted and was given a wrong ballot. She plans to vote for two Republicans only, a Linn County supervisor, and a state house candidate . She called her two Republican candidates to tell them she didn't vote for them because they are not in her district. She is actually a neighbor of the state house candidate. Her father is a friend of the supervisor candidate. Both candidates were not happy with her news, as she was insisting they are not on her ballot. She offered to go to the Auditor's office and for both candidates to meet with her. A day later, they met at the Auditor's office and the Auditor did what he has to do and showed the ballot, and it was proven to be a wrong ballot ( 2 precints away ) She told the Auditor how two workers insisted she has the right ballot , so she agreed with them. Finally, she was able to vote again ... this time for the right candidates in the district.

  4. Have to agree with 11:50. I've heard him speak many times and he was giving a concession speech every time. Kinda like taking one in the chin for the good guys. Puh-Leeze. Braley has to be laughing his butt off.

  5. Linn County Democrat Auditor is handing our wrong ballots? Where was the Gazette story?

  6. That image is clearly "photoshoped". If you look closely you can obviously tell that their signs did not say that. Do these people know you are using a photo of them in this way? If not, they could sue you.

  7. I think theer is actually a "Gore/Lieberman" sign in the background. You are real real bad at this.