Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet the Depressed

For my loyal readers you know that I tend to tell it how it is. Now from time to time I try to point out some things that the media missed, but I not going to try to spin last night’s debate performance. It was bad, and it was boring.

There is ample and abundant material for McCain to attack Barack Obama on, but unfortunately McCain refuses to that in the debate settings. Sure he and Sarah Palin are good on the stump, but 50 million people don’t tune into a rally like they do for a debate.

McCain has one final debate to set the record straight, its win or lose time.

The choice is his.


  1. I kept thinking about how Romney would never have let Obama bash the Free Market system and let it go unchallenged. And Mitt would never have suggested adding $300 billion more bail-out dollars. I geuss we all saw this coming in the primary and unfortunately never united against Juan McDole.

    Looking forward to Mitt 2012...

  2. Yeah, Mitt was all for the free market when he was mandating health insurance and approving $50 abortions.

    Can't wait for that to go national.

  3. Yoda, where you at?October 8, 2008 at 11:24 AM


    Oh no! Not health insurance for the dumbasses who use our emergency rooms for common colds and have us taxpayers pick up the bill. Goodness, the next thing you know the govt is going to put flouride in the water!

    $50 abortions? Who told you that? Huckatard?

  4. Romney would have mopped the floor with either of them last night. He at least has a basic understanding of the economy and what's really going on. He's at least created a job (even if he's eliminated more than a few.)

    Huckabee would have done a few dumbass homespun stories about frying squirrels in his popcorn popper when he had no money. That would have been a laughing stock.

    This is sad and it's going to be bad for the country. Republicans blew it.

    Get used to President Obama.

  5. Has anyone noticed that the Huckabee people continue attacking Romney 2012 with their old worthless and false talking points, while Mitt is on the stump (as he was last night in Tennessee) still fighting to help John McCain?

    Huckabee is a selfish bastard taking a giant paycheck from Fox News, and Mitt is proving that he's a team player and not going down without a fight.

  6. Haha. Hucktard. I like it.

  7. Gomer Pyle says GOOOOLLYOctober 8, 2008 at 12:05 PM

    "Squirrel in the popcorn popper"

    Now that is some funny shit!

  8. Really Annon 11:38? The only thing I see here is the old Rombots attacking Huckabee. 10:17's comment could have come from anyone. Huckabee people weren’t the only ones who hated Romney for his political duplicity.

  9. Yes, Mitt is a great team player...especially when there is a potential cabinet position in store. Huckabee is working for this ticket too, apparantly it's not good enough though if you're trying to help multiple candidates and don't have the time to follow McCain around everywhere kissing his butt.

  10. Country First! HuckatardsOctober 8, 2008 at 2:41 PM

    Mitt has already stated, "I will not accept a cabinet post because history has proven that cabinet members have to answer to twenty-something political appointed staffers in the Whitehouse and frankly I wont be doing that".

    Besides, Obama will never ask Romney to serve in his cabinet. And what would the Huckatard do exactly? There isnt a cabinet post for "Liaison to Folksy Jerkwater Country Bumpkins".

  11. Ok, so he's too arrogant to serve as a mere cabinet member. I didn't say Huckabee should get a cabinet position. I agree there's not really a good one for him. On the other hand Romney would be a great cabinet member...but definitely not for Obama, that doesn't make any sense, I don't know what you were talking about Country First.

  12. Wow, there sure are a lot of Romney kiss-asses who are already looking for a paycheck from the next Romney campaign.

    Newsflash: Obama staffers are the only ones being paid right now to troll blogs and comment on his behalf.

    All you Romney staffer wannabes had better get back to looking for a real job so you can pay your rent this month.

  13. I heard the Huckster stiffed his Iowa staff. Is that true anonymous Huckatard supporters?

    Maybe they should have just gone with the paycheck like some staffers who went from John Cox to Sam Brownback to McCain or the Pataki to McCain till the $ dried up folks.

  14. Hucktard! Hucktard! Hucktard!

  15. Gee this presidential election isn't even over yet and all the morons have come out of the closet. I am a Huckabee supporter. But I have come to the realization that he will never become president because of all the moronic Romney supporters that would refuse to vote for him because their golden boy didn't beat him. On the flip side I know that Romney would never be a Republican president because most Huckabee supporters would never vote for him.

    Not let's stop this bickering bullshit and focus on the issue at hand. Electing a conservative majority to actually do something constructive.

  16. This is really tearing us apart guys...I too was a Huckabee supporter but i would most certainly rather have Romney than who we got now...If either of those two had been able to unite the conservative base then we wouldnt be in this mess. And theres no way theres gonna be a Romney or Huckabee ticket in 2012because he'd have to beat out Newt, Sarah, and Jindal for the nomination. Good luck with that one guys.

    BTW, Hucktard??? really? lets try to be a little more original...

  17. Newt may be the smartest man in politics but he is the poster boy for unelectability. Next.

    Palin? We all love her, but I'm hard pressed to imagine a scenario where she doesn't fizzle out like Liddy Dole did in 2000 before the game even starts.

    Jindal? If the Huckatards won't support a Mormon or God forbid even a NORTHERN Baptist, I doubt they would take too kindly to one of them ethic fellas. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

    I think Tommy Thompson is going to make another run and maybe Fred too since he proved he could deliver a good speech at the convention.

  18. 9:22 You don't know what you are talking about. You base you petty assumptions on some assinine theory that you pulled out of your a$$. To claim that Huckabee supporters voted for Mike because he is a Southern Baptist is absurd. I am sure that happened in a few cases, but for the most part people did the research and voted for the person that they felt would best lead our country, not who party leadership wanted.

  19. Childish antics like Gomers name calling get no one anywhere. If you can't handle the fact that someone had an opinion different than yours you need to stay away from politics.