Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Professor PACMAN!?!

It looks like the Miller-Meeks Campaign is going after Congressman Loebsack’s addiction to special interest money with a new website: ProfessorPACMAN.com

I love this stuff!


  1. Copyright Enfringement?October 21, 2008 at 11:51 AM

    I have seen it.

    And today I wrote a letter to Mr. Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man, whom I met at Tokyo Polytech, where he is a full-time lecturer. I have also called his office, expect an update shortly.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dem Staffer!

    Must hurt...

  3. Miller-Meeks Pelosi connection?October 21, 2008 at 11:56 AM

    Wait a minute... I think Doctor Miller-Meeks knows a little about PAC's herself, accepting over 28,000 of there money in this campaign alone.

    An example? How about the


    That is located in Pelsoi-ville, USA. You guessed it San Fransisco California.

    So if what you want is a San Fransisco Republican, you know where to go.

    Miller-Meeks 08!

  4. ha! look at the roaches run!

  5. Seriously, that's all you got? she's an ophtalmoligist or something.

  6. Thats just uncalled for!!

    Calling Miller Meeks a roach is below the belt.

    please use some decency, we can have a respectful arguement without resorting to name calling

  7. I dont know much about PACs there 11:51, I also dont know what an Ophthamologist does, but I do know that Miller-Meeks is a decent person.

    She stuck with Jim Leach even after he endorsed Obama. She is a moderate, but also is not afraid to reach across the isle.

    So as for the roach comment... just makes me sick

  8. from open secrets

    Professor PAC Man (Dave Loebsack)
    PAC contributions $498,424(63%)

    All American Girl (Miller-Meeks)
    PAC Contributions $28,800 (11%)

    Most of hers looks to be from Grassley, Latham, and a couple Medical PACs.

    Also, I don't think she's the one who said PAC money should be banned in 2006 when running against Jim Leach.

  9. Hello, I am the poster who used the word "roaches."

    I assumed that the Dem bloggers who visit this site as part of their daily oppo research were far smarter than they have shown themselves to be.

    By the word "roaches", I meant, "Look at the Dem staffers using terms like 'copyright infringement' and attempting to use Miller-Meeks' professional support against her. It would be like, for instance, if the 'Liberal Political Science Professors of Americe' supported Loebsack. No one could complain about that.

    Let me be clear for all you oppo guys and girls: I love that video. It's true, it's honest, and you know it.

    I've met Miller-Meeks three times, and she is the real deal. There is no end to the fight in that woman.

    Sorry for any confusion. You all misunderstood who I was referring to...

  10. This is awesome! The fact that the Dems are attacking her is a great sign. I wondered if she had any chance at all, but now I see that clearly she must. Look how scared these guys are! Awesome.

  11. Miller-Meeks has taken less PAC money than the following challengers in Iowa.

    Becky Greenwald - $63,750.00
    Kim Schmett - $34,885.00
    Ron Hubler – $32,850.00
    Miller-Meeks - $28,400.00
    Hartsuch - $4,386.00

    Yet she has out fundraised all but one of those candidates.

  12. Best.....video.....ever!

    Loebsack has accepted almost $500,000 in PAC money; all AFTER he said that PAC contributions should be banned...

  13. To the first poster:

    1. It's infringement, not "enfringement."

    2. If there is nothing wrong with using Jerry Falwell's name in a Hustler article about having sex with his mom according to our courts because it is constitutionally protected political parody, I think whoever made this video will rest well tonight.

  14. Loebsack... sucks balls.

    Ha ha... sack and balls...

  15. cyclone conservative guy must be smiling somewhere - he gave congressman loebsack that title to begin with

  16. Go Miller-Meeks! Enough Pac Man Fever!October 22, 2008 at 7:22 AM

    Wow.. Love to see the Dem staffers throwin a fit in here..

    Truth hurt a little too much?

    Can't handle the fact that Professor Pacman has a campaign that's funded by PACs and special interests?

    I thought Dave Loebsack was "Our Voice For Change"?

    Maybe he out to think about changing his logo to "PAC's Voice for Whatever They Want"

    I think it says a lot about Loebsack's priorities that while Iowans needed LEADERSHIP during and after the floods, Congressman Loebsack still found time to rack up 74,000 in PAC funds.

    That's Dave....the PAC's Voice for Whatever They Want...

  17. I got Pac Man Fever bitches!October 22, 2008 at 9:28 AM

    I'm Dave Loebsack and I approve this message.

    I was raised in poverty and...

    ****This message will continue after an emergency PAC fundraiser that I must attend to.***

    There all better. I just raised another half million dollars from D.C. special interests. Now where was I?

    Oh yes, I was raised in poverty and I made it to where I am becuase of the government's help. My opponent refused to let government take care of her and instead relied on a risky scheme of self reliance. My opponent thinks she's too good to be taken care of by the government that loves us. Can we really afford somebody in congress who doesn't like the taste of government cheese? Vote for me, Dave Loebsack because my favorite meal is a grilled government cheese sandwhich. Won't you share it with me?

  18. Okay, 9:28, that was really, really funny.

    On November 5th, Dave will be asking "Hey! Who moved my cheese?"

    And Krusty, do you think Dave will give t-shirts to his PAC buddies in DC? What would they say? Maybe he can get a deal with Becky Greenwald's shirt for her family reunion...

  19. I bet $100 that Anonymous 9:18 is the guy who wrote that blog. Shameless